Physicist & Prof Miriam

salt salt This website was created by physicist Steve Pimen and edited by Prof. Miriam of SFSU. Steve worked for the Academy of Science as a Research Physicist and contracted with Microsft for a decade.
The website emphasizes scientific and educational content over visual aesthetics. Our goal is to educate and help EV drivers and publicize governmental monetary incentives for EV and EVSE installations. We would like to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles (EV-s). We also, want to deliver Science and experience via analytical data comparisons to prevent the environmental impact of almost 2 billion ICE vehicles on our Planet. After the Covid-19 ICE car use-break ➠ we can see ALL Farallon Islands in 04/2020. All islands have never been seen before from San Francisco by our naked-eye. Oil Industry lost $1.8 trillion during the 2020 lockdown. Also, google the famous picture of New Delhi before and after the pandemic. ICE as an archaic polluter is the Dead-End! The scientific proof is the comparison of specs and we show the other 10 advantages (see FAQ) of owning EV over ICE car.