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Compare your annual mileage cost of driving ICE car versus EV considering just gasoline/electricity cost. Initial values were set using the US Federal statistical averages, so please adjust (or slide) it according to your data. Hover over an icon to get more explanations

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The approximate calculations are valid if you were following conditions during the year:
  • Speeding ticket from Mother Nature: follow the speed limit on a highway, otherwise add 10% to both spendings (ICE/EV) if you were speeding, like 80mph on 60mph limit
  • The factory measured mpg is valid only for new or/and tuned ICE at sea level. This statement is not valid for EV because electric motor works on water pumping station hundred of years and utmost do not lose efficiency. EV does not pollute by converting O22 to CO2. 18th century electric motor with 90% efficiency may be replaced with a new more powerful brushless motor with 95% efficiency and not because it is broken. The battery is no longer a bottleneck as million-mile batteries with fast charging (10 minutes) are coming.
  • Terrain & Elevation: Deduct 25% of your ICE car mpg if you drive (for example) in Sierra Mountain since you 'brake by the engine' and small ICE chokes (>5000ft) because it does not have enough Oxygen and Fuel Economy [mpg] is down! According DH-Aircraft: even powerfull ICE with a special fuel loses 20% of thrust on ~7000ft, While EV does not need Oxigen. EV getting back significant potential energy on descent regenerates almost 70% w/o touching the brake, or driving on cruise control. I added proportional energy loss too. The life experiment would be:
    In summer 2018 I floored rented Nissan Sentra 2014 over Loveland Pass and we can not go over !45mph! on the 'flat road' barely make to Denver gas station!! We spent 13 gallons (full tank) on the 250 miles trip from Grand Junction, CO under the speed limit on the tuned and not an old car with 24mpg (on sea level h-way). The actual mountain mpg is ~ 19 (250/13). That is a 21% difference. Consider I drove part of the descent on neutral gear to make Denver with fuel warning light - ON.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions calculations made for typical-ICE-passenger-vehicle according to the EPA guidance. Did not added others greenhouse gases emission because ICE produces utmost CO2
  • Annual Maintenance:EV owner pays for tires and Wheel Alignment only. I am a proud owner of 3 EV-s during the last decade and I confirm this statement. I investigated different sources and found out for ICE passenger vehicle annual services: from $520 to $1200. ICE car driver can add it also. In March 2019 Tesla eliminates annual service keeps some periodic maintenance

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Annual Electricity Cost [$]: 474
Annual Gas cost [$]: 1827

ICE car CO2 only Emission [t] : 5.4 My car consumes Diesel