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EVSE - Electric Vehicle's Supply Equipment - particularly EV charger with the J1772 World standard or overnight charger. The North American J1772 charger has 2 levels: Level 1 (120VAC) or/and L2 (240VAC). L3 fast chargers are not in the table below or on the page.
FYI: Europe does not have Level 1 because Europe has only 220VAC outlets, so your L1 charger does not work there, but the US L2 J1772 charger works anywhere on our Planet with simple various adapters. You should drive with a portable L1+L2 charger in North America where is a common household outlet has 120V. Some expensive home L2 chargers can provide up to 80A or 19.2kW of power that is the limit for the L2 J1772 standard, while L1 is limited by 16A x 120V = 1.92KW. The majority of EV-s can accept only 32A/7.7kW and the majority of public J1772 chargers can provide only 7.7kW.
Only all portable chargers in the table have durable boxes. We mentioned in the table if any Stationary Charger is durable or IP67 certified.
The green light or word "Ready" on any LCD mean you are protected. Only 2 chargers in the table (WattZilla Black Mamba and Grizzl-e) have blue safety LED-s instead of green.
All J1772 chargers turn themselves ON only after many steps of safety check: Ground, GFCI, etc. The last step in J1772 protocol is turn ON a safety LED. Do not use your powered charger if you do NOT see the green light or word "READY" on LCD, moreover in wet environment!

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Maker/Model ⇵ Max [Amp]/[kW] Portable L1 120V Price [$] Interface Setup current limit Wi-Fi Config Energystar
Total: rival EVSE-s
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➠ All specifications are from manufactures or Amazon.com (as a sales) websites.

* - The price does not include a labor provided by trained Electro-Mechanical Engineer. Bottom of your EV should be disassembled in a car workshop
The wireless charger available only for following models: Tesla S - 30A, BMW i3 - 30A, GM Volt (Bolt) - 16A, Nissan Leaf (2011-2016) - 16A
** The PowerPort is fully controllable through Nuvve’s software platform for full bidirectional Grid Integrated Vehicle (GIVe) application, including vehicle-to-grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H). Can provide 19.2kW (Max) power to your home. That discharge 100% SoC Tesla Model S 100D during 5 hours! And if you did not downloded latest bi-directional update from Tesla it can kill the Tesla S 100D battary after 5 hours of consuming power. Learn all about V2H app before to consume Energy from your EV because other EV models are NOT PROTECTED against the Sudden Death of a battery pack!!

The majority of J1772 chargers have a NEMA14-50P plug, nm these are L2 and Ampacity range: 30A-48A. The NEMA14-50 considered as an EV standard plug or receptacle from 2010. The EV NEMA14-50 connector cost $14 in Home Depot while other can cost you many times more. Eg: non-NEMA CS8264 "garbage compactor" connector will cost you $130. If you live in a complex and pay a joint el. bill than you may consider to make an adapter and charge overnight from the compactor, concider it compacts once in a working day during 10 minutes. You can connect your J1772 to any NEMA14-50R in RV camp or warehouse. Also, you can plug it to NEMA14-30R (new dryer outlet) if you do not have the neutral prong! And save $50 on an additional adapter.
But you can NOT use the EV NEMA14-50 w/o the neutral prong to connect an RV with a NEMA14-50R camp outlet! This kind of plug or the extension cable is proprietary to EV. Unfortunately, only one smart company OpenEVSE.com just (in 2019) realized that it can save money on the neutral wire and stated its charger for NEMA 2 outlets: 14-40R and 14-30R, as you see in the J1772 table. Because the neutral conductor never participates in the L2 J1772 circuits.
The neutral condactor is for the "Split Phase" to deliver 120VAC to your RV or home. So, if you deliver 240V instead of 120V you may burn some old electrical devices those do not have a dual Voltage.

I never buy an Extended Warranty for any charger because if modern electronics work during the 1st day then it works for decades if you do not run it on the upper margin.