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EV Drivetrains:

An example: Tesla Model "P100D" label. Where is D stands for Dual motor after the 100 kWh that is the maximum Energy-Accumulation in this Tesla battery pack. The Energy multiplied by 4 gives an approximate max range for Tesla, for other less efficient EV you should multiply by 3 or 3.5 to get the max EV range.
The majority of EV-s have Single-speed Automatic transmission as a few cog-wheels small box. Because of the simplicity compared to ICE transmission, the EV called "No-transmission Car". An exception is a few Electric Supercars. Eg. Porsche Taycan has a 2-speed automatic larger gear-box.
EV manufacturers have a life-time warranty on the forever sealed gear-box with synthetic oil that never requires to change.
Some Americans say: "British drive on the wrong side of the road" and less vice-versa accusations because ancestors are more tolerant of their descendants. So, as respect to our England ancestors, we decided to drop a passenger/driver side pointers and use alike Nautical system: R-rear, F-Front, P-Port, S-Starboard, and I - Instruments (dashboard) view.
It helps to compare any cars Side-by-Side, to point to a charger inlet (in a British car), and to organize our EV pictures. The Port Side would be the left side for a driver of any nationality sitting in any car.

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* - Hybrid cars with driven by battery partial range
Maker/Model ⇵ [Year] [hp] [kWh] [mi] [mph] [sec] 0➠60mph Limit [car] Country Torque [lb-ft] S.Price [$K] Seats [Adult]
Total: rival BEV-s
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➠ Few specifications are unconfirmed or estimated. You should not report an error on concept EV-s, unless you are somehow involved... These values in the table have been ranked for non production EV-s for European market with WLTP range.

All EVs have CCS DC fast charging in Americas and Europe, except Tesla. Tesla has superchargers.
2019 CCS2 - max. 450kW 1000VDC

2019 Supercharger v3 - 250kW 400VDC
Next unconfirmed Supercharger v4 - 700kW 1000VDC?